Website of the Day! (Mar.29,2013)


Beautiful photography presented in a crisp slideshow-style page. Although I’m usually not a big fan of music that suddenly starts when a webpage is loaded, the music here was soft and helped create the warm atmosphere that helped support the pictures. One thing that I found on my Firefox browser was that the loading status at the bottom-left corner of my screen covered some of the navigation buttons… I had to move my mouse cursor over there to “uncover” the buttons. A little low on content, but that’s to be expected with a photo showcase. Other than that, I enjoyed the page and actually went back more than once o listen to the music.


Design (デザイン): 7.5 / 10
Creativity (創造性): 7 / 10
Usability (使いやすさ): 7 / 10
Content (内容): 6.5 / 10

Design x Wanco’s final score (最終スコア): 7 / 10



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