Website of the day! (Mar.31,2013)


The 2Advanced website(s) have got to be my all time favorites… they are sleek, cool, creative, and built like a machine. Eric Jordan is a Flash phenom. He was so influential that he helped shape the way the Flash software was developed. Ever since I was in university, I’ve always admired his attention to detail, work ethic, and vision. The unfortunate side is that all his websites are built primarily in Flash… and as we know, is not supported by any iOS devices and some Android mobile platforms. And it was announced that Flash is on it’s way out, making Jordan’s super websites obsolete in the future. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more of his work and the new direction that he will be taking!


Design (デザイン): 9 / 10
Creativity (創造性): 10 / 10
Usability (使いやすさ): 8 / 10
Content (内容): 9 / 10

Design x Wanco’s final score (最終スコア): 9 / 10



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