Website of the day! (Apr.06,2013)


Another impact-visual webpage. I really like how the product is always at the center of attention. The graphical sequences are well planned and keeps the viewer interested. I did see a couple of small coding “glitches” as well as the background image not being wide enough for my big screen, but the design team was probably under schedule pressures to release it on time. Also, I was a little confused when I discovered that the “down-arrow” button at the bottom was not actually a button… so I was left with myself, taking a few moments to figure out how to control the page. Hopefully, they didn’t overlook these small things and will update it soon! That’s the beauty of online projects… they can be fixed and put live right away. I enjoyed going through the pages and reading more about this “invincible” goggle.


Design (デザイン): 7 / 10
Creativity (創造性): 9 / 10
Usability (使いやすさ): 7 / 10
Content (内容): 8 / 10

Design x Wanco’s final score (最終スコア): 7.75 / 10



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