Website of the day! (Apr.14,2013)


Personally, I love G-Star Raw fashion designs and I love media design. This website blends both together. The site is a little video heavy, but it really adds a lot of content as well as eye-candy. The design is nicely laid out and useability is fairly intuitive. The only thing I might consider to change is the skeleton of the dog at the end. I love the concept, but at first glance, it gave me a slight, creepy-like shudder… especially after the beautiful technical 3D artwork of the jean-making process. Over-all though, a very enjoyable and informative site.


Design (デザイン): 8.5 / 10
Creativity (創造性): 9 / 10
Usability (使いやすさ): 8.5 / 10
Content (内容): 9 / 10

Design x Wanco’s final score (最終スコア): 8.75 / 10



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