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In January of 2007, I stepped off the plane at Narita International Airport in Tokyo for my first day of living in Japan. I still can clearly remember the icy chill of the Hokkaido winter, being lonely in my small Sapporo apartment room that was furnished with only a futon mattress set and a cardboard box for a table… I curiously explored downtown, armed with a small handful of broken Japanese words like “sushi”, “tempura”, “konnichiwa”, and “Toyota”, and arrived at the Robinson department store (now Ito Yokado) in Susukino to have my first meal… later that afternoon, I tried to open a bank account but couldn’t because I didn’t have a “hanko” signature stamp… I didn’t even know what that was back then…

Things were not always easy… I survived through the Nova School bankruptcy crisis, and was even evicted out of my apartment with my roommate because the school’s CEO pocketed all of our paid rent… It hasn’t all been bad though… I’ve met hundreds of new friends and even made a few very close ones. As well, Japan’s ever-changing culture, diverse society, and deep traditions are so uniquely beautiful that I’m still learning about them! Today, I have continued to pursue my passion as a graphics designer for 15-ongoing-years and am happily living in a warm home with my wonderful wife and our newest family member: a toy poodle named Simonne-chan.

Please also take a moment to read Simonne-chan’s story [ here ] or follow her daily life [ story ].

I also post webpages, designs, or other things of interests that I come across while surfing the Internet and give you my opinion with a score out of 10 [ here ].

We hope you enjoy your visit to Design x Wanco!


そ の当時、知っている単語といえば「スシ」「テンプラ」「コンニチハ」そして「トヨタ」だけ。興味深々でまずは札幌の街に繰り出し、すすきのにあるデパート で日本に来て初めての食事をし、その後は銀行口座を開設するため銀行に行くも「ハンコ」がないので、開設できないと言われ・・・。その時は「ハンコ」の存 在すら知らず・・・。

当初の予定では1年限定の休暇目的だったので、NOVAで働きNOVAの借り上げているアパートの1室に住んでいたけ れど、NOVAは倒産しアパートも追い出され・・・。それでも悪いことばかりではない、日本の生活・・・。沢山の素敵な人たちに出会い、親しくしてくれる 人も増え、長く続いている文化や互いを尊重する社会、奥深い伝統は日本の素晴らしいところで、まだまだ学ぶべきことが沢山!


シモーネちゃんのプロフィールは[ here ]。シモーネちゃんの日々の生活は[ story ]からご覧ください。

デザイナーとして興味のある海外のサイトをシェアし勝手に10段階で評価もするWebsite of the Day! は[ here ]

デザイナーCのブログDesign x Wanco、どうぞよろしくお願い致します。



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