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In the freezing winter bite of Hokkaido, Japan, a toy poodle was found… shivering and hungry… inside a small filthy cardboard box, in a dumpster, as if she was like any of the other trash thrown out. How long had she been abandoned… the long hours she had endured with fear as her only companion…

The sun truly shone on her that day, as she was found and brought to the vet by two wonderful people, volunteer dog lovers who have helped save many dogs before and found them homes. Having checked her vitals, the vet confirmed that she was about 5-6 years old and had been owned by an abusive breeder, who neglected her and continuously performed cesarean-section surgeries on her to sell her puppies to pet shops.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the poor little one, malnourished and mistreated, was used by pet stylists to practice their grooming and hair dyeing techniques; hence, her fiery pink hair. For her whole life, she had only known hunger, sadness, and pain. She didn’t know what it was like to be loved, to eat a healthy meal, or go outside for a walk in the park, or even play with a squeaky plush toy…

This is all about to change. Our home is now her home, where warmth and happiness awaits. My wife and I are looking forward to having Simonne-chan part of our family.

This is her [ story ].

And more about me on my Profile page [ here ] .

性別: 女の子
都道府県: 北海道

2013年2月12日、段ボールに入れられ 住宅街のゴミステーションに捨てられていたトイプードルです。どのくらいの時間、真冬の北海道の寒空の中いたのでしょうか・・・。


シモーネちゃんの日々の生活は[ story ]からご覧ください。

デザイナーCのプロフィールは[ here ]。



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